Update of the Manada Oaks Sewer Project

An update for Residents of Manada Oaks living within the original 2020 Sewer Project limits.

Due to the significant cost of the proposed project discussions have been undertaken with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). DEP has agreed that an extension to the timeline.  The original area to receive public sewers will not change. This means that we need to re-examine how the system can be modified to be more cost effective.  While we have little leeway with the collection system footprint, how and where we deal with the waste requires reassessment.

DEP has agreed to a “special study” to be conducted by the Authority and submitted to DEP by April 2022. The deadlines contained in our current Act 537 Plan will be suspended until a revision to our official plan is approved. The Municipal Authority engaged an engineer to assess our options and the costs associated with each option.

At this point, more questions have been raised than answers have been developed.  At this point, we just do not know the answer to these questions until the special study is completed, submitted to DEP review and we meet with DEP to discuss their review. As soon as we get a better sense of the project, we will try to reach out and let you know. Until then, if you have a question, please contact the Township Manager at 717-469-0833 extension 204 or ask a Municipal Authority Member,


Rick A. Hoover,

Chairman, EHT Municipal Authority