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In this marshy area of the trail, you may see a few critters who like to get wet! 


Following the trail to your right will lead you towards the powerlines while taking a left will lead you back towards the pavilion.



Things around you


Box Turtles

Terrapene carolina

This box turtle is just one example of the many friends you may find crossing the trail in this marshy area.


The common box turtle is native to the Eastern United States and is often found in moist environments. They are distinguishable by the vivid yellow and orange patterns on their shells. This pattern helps the turtle camouflage amongst fallen leaves on the forest floor when there is no more foliage to hide in.

Morrow's Honeysuckle

Multiflora Rosa

Rosa Multiflora

The majority of the brush all around you is multiflora rosa. Despite its many beautiful white flowers, this ornamental climbing shrub is invasive and a noxious weed. The magnitude of said flowers is how it gets its name, meaning "many flowers."


While its dense brush poses a problem for larger animals, it provides excellent coverage for small animals such as birds, rodents, and turtles.


Multiflora rosa


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