Sign 4

Deer Park

At this crossroads, following the trail left will take you to the perimeter trail, while taking a right will lead you to a tranquil overlook with a bench.



Things around you


Marshy Overlook

Following the trail to the right will take you towards a beautiful marsh overlook, with a handmade wooden bench to take it in on. This is a great spot to sit and relax, and you can spot many animals in the marsh below!

Bench overlooking marsh

Grand Oak Trees

To your left, you may spot a few medium-sized trees with lobed leaves and acorns, but turn around to the giants behind you, and you may realize they have the same leaf shape! A wide range of ages can be found in this area, with oak trees big and small.


If you follow the trail to the right towards the overlook, you may spot a large lump on the side of one of the trees. This is called a burl and is highly sought after for use in woodworking due to the peculiar grain pattern that can be found inside. This burl, however, will receive no such treatment, as these magnificent oaks will continue to live long lives in the park.


Black Cherry Tree


Location in the park

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