Sign 5

Deer Park

From this sign, a left will take you towards the pavilion. The path behind you is part of the perimeter trail; taking a right and the first left will continue that trail.



Things around you


Black Raspberry

Rubus Occidentalis

While they may look similar, these aren't the blackberry you buy in the store! These are a type of raspberry, which turns black when ripe, typically early to mid-summer. Everyone enjoys their juicy berries, from rodents to birds to you!


One of the key differences between black raspberries and blackberries is their core. When you pick a black raspberry, it leaves a part of the fruit on the vine, giving it a hollow body, whereas a blackberry comes entirely off the vine.

Black Raspberries

Frost Grape

Vitis Vulpina

Growing on the trees behind and around the black raspberry bush is a grapevine. Grapevine is known for its rapid and sprawling growth, which is why it can be seen on many trees behind the sign.


Native to North America, this plant produces tiny fruits, which attract many birds and insects. It is a perennial plant, which means it will live through several seasons and continue nourishing the native wildlife.


Grape Vine




Location in the park

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